Dakhla Kite Camp

  • September 30, 2014
  • by Mallory de la Villemarque
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There is no place like Dakhla for a kite camp. Once again, we had wind every single day for the full length of our stay and I was happy to see everyone improving very quickly throughout the week. It is such an easy and accessible spot that it makes it perfect for me to coach people, and participants feel so secure that they did not hesitate to try new tricks. Perfect recipe for a kite camp !

This place is such a consistant wind machine that there is no need to check the forecast, you know you’ll kite every single day. At high tide the lagoon offers any depth you prefer and at low tide you can only ride in the deep areas where the water is flatter, even better to try things. The guys / girls learned from improving their upwind skills to throwing their first back rolls and grabbed jumps, and even some strapless riding. We spent an average of 4 hours a day riding but could have literally spent all day long on the water.

I chose to stay at Soufiane and Momo’s camp called Dakhla Spirit because they are long time friends of mine and their camp is perfectly located on the spot. The bungalows are nicely located with a great view toward the lagoon so that we could keep an eye on the conditions at all time. I love waking up and seeing the spot from my bed. Moreover food is great, the vibe is cool around the camp and everyone is happy and enjoying a good kite holiday.

During the camp we did an excursion to the “White Dune” with a big group of cool people. We started with a huge downwind along the desert with nothing but endless sand dunes, rocks and water, and when we arrived to the spot we found this huge dune sitting in the middle of the water. We had loads of fun jumping from the top of it and riding around this very atypical paradisiac spot. Then we had a 4×4 ride back through the desert. That’s where you realize how lonely you can be in the middle of so much sand.

We also kited the “Speed Spot”, which is nearly the perfection for freestyle. I say nearly only because it works exclusively at low tide, otherwise it is definitely the best thing you can find to ride freestyle and learn new tricks.

The rest of the time we spent right in front of our bungalows. We’d spend a few hours in the morning before eating a nice Moroccan lunch prepared by the local chef, then we’d rest a bit watching the view before jumping back in the water for a second session until sunset. We wrapped up with a full body stretching session, a nice dinner with some talking before going to bed to get some energy back. Isn’t life beautiful on a kite camp in Dakhla ? 😉

I’d like to thank Sabine, Nicole and Robbert; Souf and Momo and their team, and my partners Fun&Fly, Dakhla Spirits and Kiteboarding Camps for making it possible.

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