A kite camp is a 7 to 10 days trip together with a group of 5 to 10 people and a professional kiteboarder, in this case myself, Mallory de la Villemarqué, where in addition to discovering a great new kite destination I'll be coaching and helping you to improve your kite skills like never before. I'll be spending time on the water with you, so that I can show you the tricks in live and follow you while watching, and on the beach in order to analyze your riding and see what you are doing good and wrong. I'll be giving you all necessary tips and advices to give you the key to new tricks or tricks you are currently struggling with. We'll fix some objectives for the week and we'll make sure you assimilate as much information as possible. I'll also be filming you so that we can watch your riding together and analyze it, which is very helpful as we can easily see the mistakes we do (if there is any) and try to correct them
During the camp we will also be stretching on a daily basis so that our body recovers faster at night, especially after so many hours of kiting for so many days in a row, and we will also be doing some different excursions and enjoying a great kite holiday.
If we go on a boat trip you will need to know how to stay upwind properly. On other locations you should be able to ride both ways without too much problem. If you cannot go upwind very well, I'll be able to help you out with that pretty easily, but make sure you don't crash every 20 meters because it will be too hard to attend you and the other participants if you are a true beginner.
It depends on how much your body can handle ! ;)  I usually recommend the guys who are not used to kiting too often not to ride too much on the first days because they won't handle the whole week. Some people are really motivated and ride too much on the first days, but they usually end up needing a day of rest throughout the week because their bodies are too exhausted. I'll spend about 3-6h a day coaching everyone and alternating from one person to another, but we're all together on the water. We usually do 2 sessions a day if we know there will be wind. Once out of the water, we can discuss as much as you want, I'll be there to help.      
Depending on the number of participants, I do make groups of about four people in order to maximize the attention I can give you. On the first day I evaluate your level before putting you in a group of people with similar level. It's always more motivating to improve with others who are learning the same tricks that you do. It allows you to spot their mistakes and push each other on the water making it more fun. If we are a group of 8 people, I will most likely spend the morning session with half the group and the afternoon with the other half. This way you can practice what we've learned when freeriding, and I will always be around watching your progress even though I am with the other group.
Maybe yes, maybe not. ;) It depends on how ambitious you are and how difficult the trick you want to learn is compared to your current level. I usually like to go step by step and if I see the trick you are willing to learn is too hard for you because of your level, then I'll give you all the keys to attain it as soon as possible. Say you want to learn a Raley to Blind but you still don't know how to unhook. That's quite ambitious to do within a week for example. However, we'll go over the techniques to unhook and pop properly, to do a nice Raley, to land to blind, and then we'll go for the Railey to Blind. We'll be working on the trick over each session until you nail it, and if you don't make it during the camp, at least you'll have learned all the necessary steps to keep working on it back home, until we meet on another kitecamp.    
It depends on the destination but most likely yes. Check out in the "More Information" tab of each destination to see if there is rental available on location. If not, I recommend you to take enough gear to make sure you'll be able to make the most of your trip. There is nothing worst than going to a kite trip and not being able to ride because you're not having the right kite size. We usually choose the best time of year for the wind season but unfortunately we cannot be 100% sure. I will also offer you the possibility to test my F-One gear if you'd like to try it. Testing other kites allows you to feel the difference and realize the kind of bar feeling you are more comfortable with.
It depends on the destination! If it's on a boat trip we need to check availability, but if accommodation is at a hotel you can definitely come with them during the kitecamp, whether or not they kite or participate. If they already kite they can perfectly ride around and enjoy the conditions while I will be coaching you. In case they do not kite, in most locations we go to there is also a kiteschool if they'd like to learn, and hotels offer a great place to relax. Some destinations might be more cozy and nicer to hang out though, don't hesitate to send me an email for more questions and I'll do my best to advise.