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"I'll be happy to share with you all the kiteboarding experience
I've acquired along the years competing and traveling around the world.
From improving your upwind skills, learning jumps, handle passes, and wave
riding, to tips about your gear or how to warm up before a session, we'll
be going through all this and much more in order to improve your
kiting skills and spend a good time meeting fellow kiters."

Mallory de la Villemarqué

Born and raised in Guadeloupe
I was born in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, where I lived until the age of eleven. Sons of a sailor, my brother and I soon became hooked to the salty water. Every weekend we would spend some time on my father's boat sailing around the islands, and at the age of eight my parents put us on a windsurf board. We were two little monsters with too much energy, so this was a great way for us to keep busy and get tired at night without causing too much trouble ;)
They realized how we loved it so we soon got into slalom competitions and that's where the dream of becoming a pro began.
Costa Rica Adventure
W hile on a trip visiting Costa Rica my parents fell in love with this amazing country and they decided to buy a small B&B on a huge beach near Jaco on the pacific coast. They wanted us to discover more than Guadeloupe and to live a new experience so we moved there and started a completely new life. Everything was so different, unlike in Guadeloupe we lived like wild kids playing in the jungle with our new local friends, we went to school in a totally new language, Spanish, that we picked pretty fast, and we unfortunately had to abandon windsurfing because of the lack of wind. However, we had never really surfed and we were living near some of the best spots in the world. Costa Rica offers some of the richest and wildest nature. I perfectly remember how while waiting for waves with my brother, a crocodile cruised right in front of us and kept going. We looked at each other and that local guy next to us said "Nah it's alright, it doesn't do anything..." and on the next wave we were rushing out of the water!
Tarifa, the Mecca of kitesurfing
A fter three years living in Costa Rica it was time for a new change so my parents decided to look for a new place to live in. Our friend Google helped us a lot on this one, and I remember how our searching keywords were "windsurf" "surf" and "Spanish". Tarifa would come up way to often, together with the Canary Islands where we almost went. On June 2002, my mother and I flew to Madrid with our bags and no real plan. We drove down to Tarifa, very eager to discover the place that could be our next "home", and quite afraid at the same time because there was no ticket back. Luckily, it didn't take us long to fall in love with this small village renown as the Mecca of Windsurfing and kiting. The main street was packed with surfshops and the beach was multicolor with kites, a sport I still had never tried. It looked like paradise to me!! However, when I first put my foot in the freezing water I told my mother there is "NO WAY I surf in that !!" I soon got used to it and a whole new chapter got opened...
S oon after we arrived in Tarifa I went to walk on the beach with my mother and that's were I saw Alvaro Onieva and Gianni Aragno riding in that tiny little lagoon and doing some insane tricks with their boards. Their trainer told us they were training for the European championship. My mother easily saw I was dying for trying that sport and my birthday gift was a kite lesson and a second hand kite and board.
I soon started going to school in Tarifa. We used to finish at 14h30 and I would run to the house to eat lunch and got out to ride. It was the perfect setup to improve and train and I soon got my first sponsor with a shop and went from having one kite for all conditions to a full quiver. Then quickly came the first small competitions, pictures in the magazines, appearance in videos, more sponsors, etc. Everything went so naturally and nicely. I lived in a perfect place with a large kite community, surrounded by pro riders and brands, and I was loving what I was doing.
  • 2nd Festikite 2013
  • 1st KTA Turkey 2010
  • 1st Orange Massilia Freestyle Cup 2009
  • 6th World Championship 2007 (PKRA)
  • French Champion 2006 and 2004
  • Vice French Champion 2010, 2009 and 2007
  • Vice world junior champion 2004 (KPWT)
  • European Junior champion 2004
Back to studies and Hawaiian experience
D edicating your life intensively to a sport also has consequences. Unfortunately for me I had too many injuries that really prevented me from training and competing as I wanted. At the age of 18 I had to stop for 6 months because of a foot injury, then came back more motivated than ever and managed to improve my ranking on the PKRA (world tour). But then came the knee ligaments, the knee a second time, the back, the shoulder, etc... At this point, I had to take some decisions, so I decided to get back to studies after 4 years competing and traveling around the world, but I wouldn't stop promoting my sponsors and enjoying doing the sport I loved. So I started my bachelor of business administration in France and finished it in Oahu, Hawaii. That's where I started getting more seriously into wave riding. Hawaii is blessed with swells in wintertime and being surrounded by some of the best wave riders was a great opportunity to improve and push myself. Now I've finished my studies and I'm back in Tarifa working for the F-One Spanish distributor. I am part of the F-One and Manera International teams, and beside that I also judge on the world tour and organize kitecamps to coach motivated kiters who are willing to improve. :)
W hile competing and traveling for my sponsors I often ended up doing demo tours and giving advices to kiters. I soon realized how people sometimes need just one little advice, because they couldn't figure it out themselves, to land a trick they had been trying for months. I used to always watch others and never really asked for help in order to learn a trick, but I know how nice and how faster you can learn if someone who already knows how to do it gives you the right tips. After meeting the guys at Fun & Fly who offered me to coach kiters, I did my first Kitecamp in Dakhla and realized how cool of an experience it can be. I really enjoy seeing the smile on people's face when they nail new tricks they never imagined they could do, or because they were afraid of trying new things. I like sharing with people who are eager to learn new tricks, and this is the reason I enjoy doing kitecamps.

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