Wouahhhh! It was so great to be part of Mallory’s kitecamp!!! I learned so much during the 10 days we spent in Zanzibar. Mallory supports and encourages you to reach your target in a fun and safe environment. He built up a team to get the best of everyone and to boost experience sharing. Being part of this clinic is getting the insurance to be coached as long as possible to ensure you will progress as quickly as possible. Mallory is always watching you and pushing you to go beyond your limits. Kiting with him is not only about being in the water trying tricks all day, this is also a whole experience around preparing your body and your mind to improve. Thanks a lot, I will do it again for sure and pull the bar ;)


It was really great. I arrived without knowing how to jump and after a week of careful coaching, smiles, encouragement and precise explanations, I'm leaving doing grabbed jumps, back rolls (not always perfect...) and more. I even have videos and pictures to prove it. ;) Great ! Thanks, Mallory, it was a perfect week.    


I just came back from Dakhla where I did a kite camp with Mallory: in one word 'Amazing'! He is the best teacher I have had and he made me achieve more during the week than I had expected; I learned a lot. All in a very pleasant and patient way. He was always in or on the water, giving advice, showing how to do it - fully adjusted to my capability and progression level. I don't know how he did it, but he saw every little detail on the water through which he could really give the best advice to improve. Besides the kiting he was a fun guy to hang out with during the lunches and bar etc. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to join one of his next camps, and learn some new tricks again. Thanks for the past week and keep me posted about the next camps!


Hey Mallory, just want to thank you for this wonderful clinic in Dakhla. I have to be honest, in five years of kiteboarding it's the first time I'm taking a lesson and I have to say it really made me progress like I coud never imagine. I was stuck on the few trick I knew and now thanks to you and your coaching I'm taking it to a whole new level !


Incredible !!!! One week full on, 4 to 6h of kiting each day with Mallory, we say "Perfect" ! Not being too bold (mother of 3 kids), I had never really tried anything kiting and now, after a week closely followed by Mallory ( De la Villemarqué, vice French champion 2008) I can do : jumps, backloop, jibes, pop... And there is for all levels: unhook, handle passes, S bend, railey .... A big thank to Mallory for his patience and teaching methods on the water. Must be re-done...    


I was in Dakhla for a week and it happened that Mallory was there coaching a group of kitesurfers. Seeing how he was giving advices and how fast the riders were improving, I asked him if I could be part of the party. He is just amazing, understanding in a minute what needs to be done to improve your technics, your style, your way of riding, he takes you from where you are and moves you to the next level. The most incredible thing is when he shows you how to do... it seems so easy and natural... Words will not be enough, so if you have a chance to spend time with Mallory, do not hesitate a second.


I met Mallory during a kitecamp in Dakhla in June 2011. There were 5 students from intermediate to advanced level and Mallory coached us from morning to evening during 7 days. He was instrumental for achieving my progress objectives. Through his presence on the water (on foot, on windsurf, on kiteboard) and off the water (breakfast, lunch, dinner, stretching) he gave me useful advice, pushing me, but also accepting my constraints (fitness, injuries etc). Not only does he have technical experience, he is also a cool guy to hang out with and enjoy a drink at the bar. He is a real people person and a delight to be around at any time of the day. I am strongly considering doing my next camp with him again!  


Why the hell did I decide to go to a kitecamp with Mallory?? A bit of sport, sun, beach, cocktail... You look at his website and kiting seams so easy!! That was not the case. Five hours of kiting per day, starting by running on the beach before riding, stretching on the evening... Where am I? In a military camp!! Without joking, Mallory is there to give you the right advices, to teach exercises and he pushes you. You have just understood a move, you try it, crash and lose your board!! You raise your head up and Mallory is already there with your board, smiling and saying "Excellent man! Now let's try a double back loop handle pass kite loop and you grab your board!!"And always with a very good mood! I learned a lot during this week, made a long downwind, kited on different spots!! Plus, out of the water the atmosphere was really great!! So thanks Mallory, and keep me in the loop for your next kitecamp. I am in !!


Dudes, if you're tired of recessing the same old tricks every kite trip you go on and if your friends are not pushing you hard enough to throw BIG, you should think about getting onboard and joining a clinic! Mallory's clinic... well, it's like Kitesurfing Bootcamp!! It's tough, at least as tough as you want it to be! We had great wind conditions all 7 days of the clinic and we ended up riding an average of 5 hours a day. Mallory was always there on the water or onshore for showing tricks, giving advice and filming our moves. It was cool also to learn how to properly warm up and stretch. I took the camp for improving my unhooked moves and kiteloops and I might not be ready for PKRA yet but I definitely have learnt loads!!!

Feel free to send me yours and I'll add it to the list !